December 14, 2001

Video Clips of Liu Guoliang vs Kim Taek Soo

I have put up some fairly big video clips on DOMINCOSAVIO's website. Thanks Dominic.

Clip 1: Game 1.

Clip 2: Game 2.

Clip 3: Game 3.

These are clips from live broadcast of a challenge match played in 1997, between Liu Guoliang and Kim Taek Soo in China. Liu was 21 years old then, Kim was 26, and the small ball was used. The points were actually not very short, as some might expect. Liu scored points primarily with his placement and tempo variations, while Kim's forehand did the damages for Kim. Of special note is that even though Liu served very well, there were not too many service errors by Kim. Basically Liu served so that Kim could not inititate an attack. Liu showed excellent service return skills also. Prior to this match, Liu had a 7-3 record against Kim.

These clips were uploaded by Avalox from originally. I have moved them here because the other server is very slow. It is best to download the clips before playing them. RealPlayer 8+ is required.