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Summer 2006


We do have to thanks Plants for All Seasons when they said the sage would do nicely with the cacti.


Upon further research, another name for this cactus is the Apple Cactus.  And here are pictures why.  Some reports say that the fruit is edible but neither of us is that brave.  The fruit grew off of the remainder of a stem where a flower had bloomed and fallen off.  In retrospect, it makes sense but at the time, we had no idea what was going on.




More and more surprises.  (Late June 2003)

“Who would’ve figured something so phallic would’ve grown something so phallic.”


Jennie walked out in the backyard one morning in June and couldn’t believe her eyes.  The cacti had seemingly grown overnight and there were now about 30 buds on all three cacti.




Looking Back…


In March 2002, we finally decided we needed to do something with one of the back corners of the yard.  We thought cacti would be an interesting option.  We could pair it with a Silverado sage, similar to the one we added to the front yard.


We did a little shopping and finally find some cacti that we liked.  We got three and they were between 5 and 6 feet tall when we got them. 


The cacti have a new home – March 2002


Over those next few days, we found out what we had bought and were in for a big surprise. I did a little research and found out what we had bought were Andes Organ Pipe (Cereus peruvianus).  The 5-6 foot cacti were likely to grow to 15-20 feet and have night blooming flowers.  Both of these facts caught us off guard but we have been pleasantly surprised.  In September 2002, one of them flowered. 


Following are some pictures from over the past year or so showing what we have inadvertently brought to our backyard.



Renovations (March 2003) – We decided that we should replace the mulch around the cacti with pond stones. 


Dad, I brought you more rocks


I know!  I should lift with my knees.


Three trips to Home Depot later, it's all done



The cacti one year later (February 2003)  - The cacti have grown about five to six feet.  The one that has grown the least has been concentrating on growing its babies.


They're all growing so fast


Hey!  The one in the middle is smiling


Even this one is almost taller than me


I'm a little cactus too



The cacti  (Summer 2002)


Wide view of the back corner


Close up of the left one


Mom and her two little babies


Flowers during the daytime


Early morning bloom


Nighttime bloom 1


Nighttime bloom 2


End of this year’s cycle



(Shameless plug time…many thanks with some problems to Molly at the California Cactus Center.)



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