The 767 Project 00:00 Sat 19 Apr 2003
What started off as a single pc hobby is now transformed into a fully functional, multi-system flight simulator.With it's panoramic view and it's awesome 3-D surround sound, it will give you a false sense of frequent flyer mileage. It features a wide array of functionality, including a Flight Managment System, complete overhead panel, air traffic controlled airspace, 180 degree viewpoint, and many more. From initial cockpit preparation procedures to final shutdown, this is as real as it gets. A nine month project that seemed like it will never end, has finally been completed. The end product is this magnificent bird, with all the amenities (well most of them) that can please any pc aviator and/or pilot, for that matter. Special thanks to Luciano Napolitano for devising Wideview and to Wade and the WILCO team for their amazing 767 Pilot in Command software.