May 23, 2003

A Video Clip: This shows several points of the Qiu vs. Boll match, and the interviews with the two players. Here is a transcript of the Qiu interview:

R: When you were behind 0-2 in games, were you scared (worried)?

Q: Yes, of course when I felt behind 0-2 I was a little scared (worried). But I think he felt a lot more pressure, because he is ranked number one in the world. He felt that it would be very bad to lose to me. Starting from the middle of the 3rd game, he was playing a little tight, plus I had a little bit of luck, so things worked out.

The first couple of points shown were from the early games when Qiu lost 7-11 and 3-11. The second point shows that Boll's serves are very hard for a righthanded opponent to see clearly. The 3rd point, when the score was 12-12 in game 4, showed Qiu's powerful forehand loop, despite his size.

Thanks to for providing the original clip where this segment is generated from. The contributors there have done a fantastic job of reporting Worlds updates!

Thanks to Mark Kent for providing the webspace to host these clips!

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