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Welcome to my table-tennis site. Most of the material on this site are translated from Chinese articles that appear on various Chinese websites or publications. For those interested in reading the originals, I recommend visiting,, and  The excellent Table Tennis World is the source of many in-depth articles that are less time-sensitive. Translating from Chinese to English is not an exact science, since the two languages have fundamentally different sentence constructs. Also, the Chinese have many table-tennis terms that have no simple equivalents in English. I try to strike a balance between a very literal translation (which is cumbersome to read) and a very figurative one (that may be considered too loose by some experts). I hope I have succeeded.

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8/24/04: Comments on the Gold Medal Match

8/23/04: Cai Talks About The Loss

8/22/04: Zhang Yining winning WS gold; Ryu in MS finals

8/21/04: China won gold in men's doubles

8/20/04: China won gold in women's doubles

8/19/04: Wang Nan beaten

8/18/04: Major upsets

8/17/04: Round of 32 Results

8/16/04: Chinese Women Advance in Doubles

8/16/04: Experts' Olympic Predictions

7/25/04: An Interview with Gao Jun

4/10/04: An Article on Double Happiness

6/9/03: Two TT Commercials

6/4/03: More interviews

5/31/03: Post-Paris Interview with Werner Schlager

5/30/03: Post-Paris Interview With Kong Linghui

5/29/03: Hou Yingchao Talks About Choppers

5/27/03: A Video Clip Of Ai Fukuhara's Serve

5/26/03: A Video News Clip: Werner Wins MS in Paris

5/23/03: Worlds Update

5/23/03: A Qiu-Boll Video Clip

5/22/03: Worlds Updates

5/21/03: Worlds Updates: Qiu Scores Major Upset

5/20/03: Worlds Updates

4/29/03: Kong's interview, and some Worlds articles

4/23/03: Articles on Ma Lin and Wang Hao

3/4/03: A Short Clip of Wang Hao vs Chiang Peng-Lung

1/13/03: A Short Clip of Liu Guoliang

12/23/02: Interview with Wang Liqin

12/21/02: Lu Lin on Playing Shakehanders

12/20/02: Yin Xiao Talks About The 11-Point Format

12/12/02: A Video Clip: Ma Lin vs Chuan Chih-Yuan

10/20/02: Two Short video clips of Kreanga vs Chuan

10/13/02: Asian Games Individual Events

10/5/02: Asian Games Team Finals

9/29/02: Super League Summary

9/28/02: Asian Games News

8/14/02: China-International All-Star Results

8/11/02: China-International Match: What the Players Say (Part 2)

7/25/02: China-International Match: What the Players Say (Part 1)

7/21/02: Technical Articles, Liu To Become Coach, and China-International Match

5/30/02: Chinese Super League Phase 1 Results, Part 2: Women's

5/26/02: Chinese Super League Phase 1 Results, Part 1: Men's

4/13/02: Video Demonstrations of New Service Rule, etc.

3/18/02: Super League News and Video Clips

2/10/02: Remembering Rong Guotuan, Kong Beat Ryu

1/19/02: Post Pro-Tour Grand Finals articles, etc.

12/30/01: Li Ju, Yang Ying, Kong Linghui, Samsonov, etc.

12/15/01: Super League Championship Results, Persson's trip and Liu's column

12/14/01: Video Clips from a Liu Guoliang-Kim Taek Soo match

11/28/01: Video Clips from the 2001 English Open highlighting Wang Liqin

11/23/01: Liu talks about his teachers, and articles on the 11-point format

11/4/01: Xu Yinsheng on Chinese Youth Training, Ma's Story (Part 2)

10/20/01: Men's Singles and other final results from the 9th National Games

10/19/01: More Results from the 9th National Games

10/17/01: An Update on the 9th National Games

9/29/01: Ma Wenge's Story, 11-Point Scoring, etc.

9/9/01: Persson, and Super League Results

8/26/01: Photos from Universiade 2001, and other events

8/18/01: Waldner, Ma Lin, Ni Xia Lian, etc.

8/4/01: Liu talks about the penhold style, Ma wins, Super League results, etc.

7/27/01: Miscellaneous news items on Challenge Series, Super League, etc.

7/9/01: Ma vs Persson, China-Korea Rematch, and Kong's Critiques

6/24/01: Waldner chats with fans, Challenge Match, etc.

6/21/01: Some photo and video links, and news from Super League

6/5/01: China Open, World Club Championship, etc

5/26/01: Articles on Wang, Liu Guozheng, etc.

5/16/01: Some post-Worlds articles

Worlds 2001 Articles

World Cup 2000 Articles

Sydney Olympics Articles


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