November 28, 2001

Video Clips of Wang Liqin

Here are some clips showing Wang Liqin in action at the 2001 English Open. Clips 1 and 2 were from his semifinals match against Seiko Iseki (formerly Wei Qingguang from China). Iseki was playing superbly at the tournament, having beaten Waldner and Saive along the way to the semis. This is what Iseki said about Wang: "His forehand is incredible. Usually I can play to the right handers' backhand and keep them pinned down that side. Against Wang Liqin it's one backhand and then he moves, releases that dynamic forehand and I am struggling". (Table Tennis Illustrated, March 2001 issue.) Here in the clips you can see Wang's footwork, and his great overall speed.

Clips 3 and 4 show Wang in the finals against Christophe Legout, who beat Eloi, Schlager and Ma Wenge earlier. Legout was at the top of his game, and he had a lead of 14-11, when Wang started his run. In clip 3 you can see the very fluid movement of Wang, and his excellent forehand. The slow-motion replays give a very good display of Wang's form when he unleashes his forehand, and you can clearly see how balanced he is and how he uses his whole body to generate the power. Clip 4 shows Wang's blocking skills, and his table-coverage. Interesting to note that if those matches had used the 11-point format, Wang would have lost the forst games. Wang would start slowly, pick up his game around the middle of the first game, and never look back.

The commentators are the excellent Don Parker and Matthew Syed, both very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

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If the streaming speed is not satisfactory, you can download the files before watching them.

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