These are articles that I translated previously. They appeared in Arno's website as well as Sean's website.


Worlds 2001 Coverage

5/6/01: Osaka News: Men's Singles Finals

5/6/01: More photos from Worlds

5/5/01: Osaka News: Men's 1/4's and semifinals, Women's semifinals.

5/4/01: Osaka News Men's 1/8's, Women's 1/4's, Mixed Doubles Semi's and Final

5/1/01: Zhan Jian Upsets Karlsson

5/1/01: Europeans Voice Disapproval

5/1/01: Persson Chats With Fans

4/30/01: Belgium Coach Talks About The Decline in Europe

4/30/01: Hong Kong's Upset in Men's Doubles

4/29/01: The Swaythling Cup: Behind the scenes

4/29/01: Osaka News Waldner talks with fans.

4/28/01: The China-Korea Classic

4/27/01: Osaka News: China's 3-1 win over Germany. Sharara's moves.

4/26/01: Osaka News: China women in semi's. Doubles draws. Photos, etc.

4/25/01: Osaka News: Liu's huge upset loss, etc.

4/24/01: Osaka News: Final draws, etc.

4/23/01: Pictures from Worlds Venue

4/23/01: Osaka News

Links to Worlds Coverage

4/14/01: More updates on Worlds training

4/6/01: Kong's Column, Wang and Zhang Talk, etc.

4/5/01: Added Pictures Link to the Osaka Roster Article

4/4/01: The Official Osaka Roster

4/3/01: The Chinese Osaka Team Roster

3/18/01: Training Update, Kong's Column, the Hong Kong team, and other stories

3/14/01: Table Tennis World 100th Issue Special Edition

3/4/01: Samsonov-Hou match, Liu dismissed retirement rumors, and equipment from famous players

2/19/01: Liu Guozheng's and Schlager's equipment, etc.

2/18/01: Liu Guozheng vs Schalger, etc

2/5/01: News from the Challenge Series, etc.

1/27/2001: Persson and history of Avalox

1/24/2001: Happy New Year from China, and other stories.

1/19/2001: Grand Finals Articles

1/13/2001: A different kind of article on Wang Liqin

1/12/2001: An article about Waldner, etc.

1/10/2001: Pro-Tour Grand Finals, etc.

12/31/2000: Li Furong's address, and Cai's critique of Kong

12/16/2000: Persson's retirement announcement, etc.

12/5/2000: Sweden's emergence in the early '80's, and other stories

11/25/2000: International TT Challenge, Xu Yinsheng and Gao Jun

11/12/2000: Chiang Peng-Lung Interview, etc.

11/8/2000: Ma Lin Interview and other news

11/1/2000: Challenge Series and Players' Equipment

10/31/2000: New Faces, and Liu Speaks

10/29/2000: World Collegiate TT Championship Results

10/28/2000: Read this report on Taipei's team win over China. Answer to Trivia Question: Jiang's doubles partner in the photo was Xu Zengcai, who also played in the singles in the Seoul Olympics. Congratulations to Dmitry Medvedev for coming up with the right answer. Added new photos.

10/27/2000: World Collegiate Table Tennis Championship News: Chinese Taipei upset host China in the men's final, winning 4-1. Chiang Peng-Lung scored 3 wins. He beat Wang Liqin and Liu Guozheng, both by 2-0 scores. China's women's team beat S. Korea 3-1 to claim the title. Japan and France are tied for 3rd place in both men's and women's teams. Also, click here for an update on the French Open. 11-point scoring is used for this tournament.

10/26/2000: World Collegiate Table Tennis Championship News. Updated with team results through semifinals.

10/23/2000: $1 Million table-tennis circuit starting in Tokyo this week. Read this article by Matthew Syed. Kong confirmed that he was invited, although he could not go; Yan Sen may take his place. Persson and Kim will compete, among others.

10/22/2000: Added photos of world champions.

10/20/2000: A Report on Training with the Big Ball

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